115 minutes, Biography Drama

It may very well be the one thing in life we all have in common. That is, we’ve all tried an item off the McDonalds menu at least one time in our lives. There is a reassurance and a comfort that comes with the familiarity of being served a McDonalds meal, no matter where in the world you may be. The opportunity to fulfil curiosity and to learn exactly where and how the ever-popular fast food chain’s story first began is comfortably and satisfyingly rendered in John Lee Hancock’s (THE BLIND SIDE, SAVINGS MR BANKS) THE FOUNDER.

In a role that was turned down by Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton (who coincidentally turned down Hanks’s Oscar-winning role in PHILADELPHIA!) truly anchors this real-life story with a creative and masterful portrayal of Ray Croc; a man with a car, a supportive yet neglected wife (played by Laura Dern) and a milkshake maker, which he spends all of his time trying to sell. A phone call from a prospective buyer who wishes to purchase several of these milkshake makers for his busy shop turns out to be the unexpected business opportunity that Ray has been seeking.


It will be interesting to learn by just how much McDonalds’ sales will spike with the release of THE FOUNDER! I admit it – I fittingly bought a cheeseburger for the first time in a long time right after watching this informative and insightful true story! This screenplay is of far too high public interest to ever become dusty sitting on the shelves of the 2014 Blacklist; “most liked” unmade scripts, where it was plucked from.

In fact, what the screenplay written by Robert D. Siegel (best known for writing 2008’s THE WRESTLER) conveys to its audience so transparently is what gives Ray the drive and determination he possesses to score the success that this ever-popular fast-food chain has undoubtedly now long-achieved. This is the story of how one man recognised and seized upon an opportunity that promised so much more than what was being delivered, letting nothing get in his way and with little regard for whatever the cost for success may be. In all honesty, Ray Croc is very much both the hero and the villain of this story. That is what fascinates most in THE FOUNDER.

3 out of 5


Viewer Discretion
M – Coarse Language 

Moviedoc wishes to thank Jesse from Roadshow Films and Roadshow Films for the in-season pass to view & review THE FOUNDER.

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