Director / Jordan Vogt-Roberts (THE KINGS OF SUMMER)
Stars / Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly and Corey Hawkins

In 2005, a one-hour wait into the three-hour epic film KING KONG was required until the titular character was unleashed. Some lost their patience during times others knew that the best was yet to come from an already superb movie. That masterful remake by LORD OF THE RINGS filmmaker Peter Jackson is one of the rare films to score a perfect five star rating from Moviedoc! In this 2017 reboot, barely a minute has passed before Kong of Skull Island makes his first appearance.

An origin story of sorts for King Kong, the story behind this action/adventure movie is set in the year 1973. Skull Island, a remote destination somewhere in the Pacific is almost impossible to enter. A powerful storm cell surrounds the island, clearly acting as a force field of sorts for any who dares to enter it. Those that do dare to enter are a group of explorers and military personnel who are in search of its secrets, and to find proof of the mythical Kong that inhabits this land. Unknown to them, Skull Island is also home to huge monsters.

The second instalment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse, following the passable 2014 release of GODZILLA, KONG: SKULL ISLAND is a hopelessly lame and unashamedly ridiculous monster movie that doesn’t hit the pass mark. Having said that, those of you with an ability to embrace its intentional and unapologetic nonsense will have some fun with this. 

Finding various forms of silliness on screen in KONG: SKULL ISLAND is about as challenging as finding food at a buffet restaurant. There is a smorgasbord of illogical developments and genuine disappointments that should have been left on the cutting room floor and pile up, respectively. As for the comedic character played by John C. Reilly, well, he takes the cake. The explanation behind his current existence on the island and several other details pertaining to this character, who resides with an island tribe, may not be intended to be taken too seriously, yet are seriously stupid.

Moving along now to those other monsters. When they’re given their turn to play on the big screen, this $190 million blockbuster movie is at its best, which is mildly cool. This is when KONG: SKULL ISLAND is showing a sign of the creativity that it beholds. However, its eagerness to unveil all of its secrets in the first half of the film is partly to blame for its undoing. With any chances of excitement quickly being extinguished by several failed attempts at being forcibly funny, the lack of imagination and a complete absence of characterisation out-muscles even the fantastic beast that rules this film. Ultimately, what this film has not seized upon is where it lets down the most.

Last but not least, KONG: SKULL ISLAND completely wastes a talented ensemble cast. A perfect example is that of last year’s Oscar winner Brie Larson, playing an anti-war photographer that spends almost the entire film taking photos and running.

2 stars

Viewer Discretion/ M 
(sustained threat, action violence and coarse language)


Moviedoc thanks Village Roadshow and Village Cinemas, Crown Casino for the invite to this event and film screening.

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