John Carroll Lynch
(Feature film debut)

Harry Dean Stanton, Ron Livingston, Beth Grant, Ed Begley Jr., Yvonne Huff, Barry Shabaka Henley, Tom Skerritt and David Lynch

The final role of respected character actor, the late Harry Dean Stanton, is partly written by Stanton’s real-life friend, Logan Sparks. A drama set at a remote desert town in the U.S, LUCKY features stories and behaviours that are derived from Harry’s own life.

Playing the titular character, Harry Dean Stanton is a ninety year-old atheist who might be at the tail end of his life but remains in relatively good health. He is more than content with living alone and fulfills his remaining days by committing to his personal and social daily routines, which includes specific yoga routines and regular visits to the local shop and pub. The various conversations and heated discussions that Lucky stirs up with some of the town’s locals causes Lucky to rethink some of his ways and beliefs. 

This minor in scale yet meaningful movie is the epitome of getting so much out of so little.

At times and especially during its wonderful beginning, just a single frame captured in LUCKY can illustrate strikingly specific detail and enriches the depth of this film. Even for viewers who may not classify themselves as ardent admirers of Harry Dean Stanton’s work, further appreciation can be gleaned from the infectious wittiness of the script. A fairly even distribution of this dialogue that’s exchanged between Lucky and various supporting characters, strongly compliment this film. Where LUCKY does become more selective in taste is in its nondescript and rather meandering narrative that’s intended to be a mild pondering into spirituality and human connection but is ultimately too esoterically written.

Regardless, if you’re a bonafide Harry Dean Stanton fan, then quite simply do not miss LUCKY.

3 stars

Viewer Discretion
MA15+ (Strong Coarse Language)


Moviedoc thanks Umbrella Entertainment and Ned & Co for the private screener link to watch and review this film.

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