About Moviedoc

Hello reader,

Welcome to my personal film reviewing blog site.

With so much choice in movie reviewer/critic out there, you must wonder how I could possibly differ to others? Well, other than incorporating my own unique personality into my film reviews, which is what every film reviewer does, my reviews are safe to read before watching a film, as they are 100% spoiler-free.

Have you ever read a review of a film with the intention of understanding a little more about it to determine whether or not it’s one to see, and instead just read a detailed revelation of what happens in half the bloody movie!? Yes, so have I. Therefore, I pride myself on designing reviews that tell you just enough about a film for you to know whether or not it could be one of interest. To help guide you toward your decision, my reviews will articulate exactly what it is about each film that makes or breaks it. Again, without revealing the specifics other reviewers/critics willingly include. Furthermore, I like to keep my reviews easy to read, entertaining and informative. Even if you aren’t interested in the actual film, the review ought to interest you.

On a personal note, my taste in movies broadens with every film I watch. While I’m a sucker for a psychological, intricately-written character drama, the films I most value have some form of value themselves and/or make you feel. If a movie can give a different perspective, offer the world a tool to being a better individual, share something original or stir emotion, no matter if it’s laughter, tears or your worst fears, then these are the films I will most strongly regard and highly rate.

Almost all of the movie’s I see are courtesy of film distributors who invite me along to various screening options. As I am based in Melbourne, Australia, the release of each film review will always coincide with its Australian cinematic release. After 6 years of film reviewing, and counting, I continue to evolve my style of reviewing tailored to suit the needs of an ever-growing fan base. Aside from movies, it is you – the reader – whom I most value and as such, I welcome any form of comments and interactions to absolutely anything and everything I do.

Yours sincerely,


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